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within 90 days

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Maximum price for your villa

You will receive the most beneficial offer of highest possible price from the buyer through my customised marketing strategy and transforming your villa into the most attractive condition for the buyer. In 90% of cases, I sell the villa more expensive than other agents.

Sale with ease

I will protect you from committing any mistakes and wrong actions and not waste a single minute of your precious time. You will not be disturbed by the obsessive realtors and buyers who are not willing to buy your house.

High demand

You will already start receiving the beneficial offers in 7 days.
Buyers, who are really interested in purchasing, will come to know about your villa.

Sale in a short time

Your villa will be sold at the beneficial price in the period from 30 to 90 days – It is 3 times faster than other agents.

Your villa is more valuable than you think

Increase value of your villa

The cost of your villa will increase by at least 5% due to the careful preparation for sale and elimination of deficiencies that could substantially reduce the value.


The starting price of your villa will be in compliance with its maximum possible price. I will analyze the sales of similar villas in Damac Hills for the last 6 months, using the information, which is not available with other real estate agents.

Protection of your interests

Price and your terms of the transaction will be reliably protected during the negotiations with the buyer of your villa. I will defend your interests as the owner of the villa and do not charge any commission from the buyer as often practiced by realtors seeking to get commision from both the buyer and the owner.

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Guaranteed demand for your
villa in 7 days

2nd day
Advertisement of Your property

Advertisement of your property will be available on more than 130 best international luxury real estate websites.

3rd day
Creating a customised selling website

I will set up a website dedicated to the sale of your villa only as well as a customised FACEBOOK page.

5th day
Your site gets into the TOP 10

Your site will get in the TOP 10 search listings on Google. Your prospective buyers will definately notice the advertisement of your villa.

7th day
Commercial video for your villa

Once your villa is in perfect condition, my professional team will shoot a video which will reflect all attractiveness of your mansion to the buyer. I will place it on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to display your villa among more than 2000 of my partners.

If even one of these conditions is not fulfilled
in time, you will receive compensation in the amount of $ 1000

Your villa will attract the attention of the world's elite


Each resident of Damac Hills is a priority buyer for you. Therefore, all the residents, without any exception, will immediately come to know about the attractiveness of your villa and will get brochures through post and email distribution.

Wealthiest buyers from around the world

During 2 years of successful work, I have collected database of the most wealthiest buyers from around the world who dream to buy a villa in Damac Hills.

More than 2000 real estate brokers

Along with me more than 2000 motivated real estate agencies will offer your villa to their clients on the first priority basis.

How to increase the value of your villa by 15%?

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A Real expert in Luxury Mansion Sales

Your Personal Realtor
That keeps his word

Ruslan Zharassov
  • 2 years of successful experience in the sale of luxury real estate in Dubai
  • Personally sold 8 villas in 2018 at the total cost of
    24 million dirhams ($ 7 million)
  • 90% of the villas have sold at a price that was higher than the owner's expectations
  • 73% of villas sold in the first 45 days
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Best deal for you Guaranteed

I will surely serve you for FREE
if you find a realtor in Dubai that does at least
50% of job I do to sell your house

Examples of beneficial deals

5 bedroom villa, V3 type
  • Land area: 4,843 sq.ft.
  • Built up Area: 3,725 sq.ft.
  • Starting price: AED 3,799,000
  • Sold: AED 3,700,000
  • Term of sale: 42 days
The problems faced by the owner of the villa:

The owner could not sell his villa till 7 months, although it was taken by 6 agencies simultaneously. The starting price of the villa was 3,900,000 AED, but even after reducing the price to 3,700,000 AED, it failed to sell. The deal fell through due to the fact that the agents involved were unable to agree on commision between theft. Also the significant drawback was that agents did not carried out pre-sale preparation of the villa.

Job done by me:

I cleaned the villa off the market for 10 days. During this time presale preparation was done and house became much more attractive to the buyer. Also I adjusted the starting price and prepared a package of documents for the sale.


I sold the villa in 42 days, with the starting price reduced by 2% only which exceeded the expectations of the owner.

4 bedroom townhouse, TH-H type
  • Land area: 4,540 sq.ft.
  • Built up Area: 3,167 sq.ft.
  • Starting price: AED 2,895,000
  • Sold: AED 2,800,000
  • Term of sale: 8 days
The problems faced by the owner of the villa:

The owner was working on an exclusive agreement basis with another agent, but did not see the results of their activity. Even after 110 days of work there have been no offers.

Job done by me:

For this villa, I specially created portrait of a potential buyer and a marketing strategy aimed precisely for this group of people.


I sold the villa in 27 days with the starting price reduced by 3% only.

3 bedroom townhouse, TH-K type
  • Land area: 3,465 sq.ft.
  • Built up Area: 2,723 sq.ft.
  • Starting price: AED 2,699,000
  • Sold: AED 2,650,000
  • Term of Sale: 14 days
The problems faced by the owner of the villa:

Villa was on sale for 8 months, using the services of 5 agencies simultaneously. None of the agents was focused on finding a buyer for the house. We needed a special buyer willing to pay much more than similar villas. The high price for the villa was due to its magnificent location.

Job done by me:

For selling this villa I used my partnership with more than 2000 real estate agencies registered in Dubai. At the same time, I motivated them to offer this villa first to their wealthy clients before any others.


I sold a house within 14 days after signing the contract with the starting price reduced by 2% only.

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What happy clients talking about

It was not an easy task for me to sell my villa in tough market conditions. I wanted to sell it quickly and at the best price, so I called about 5-6 real estate agencies. All of them took the listing with great interest but there were no results till 6 – 7 months. Then I met Ruslan, and he offered me to sign an exclusive listing agreement. At first I denied because I was doubtful about this. I thought how just one agent can give me a guarantee of selling the property. But when I saw his unique marketing tools, I understood that this is how the professional realtor must work and it’s the best way to sell a property. Thanks to Ruslan’s aggressive selling method that, we closed the deal within just 42 days. His proactive style of marketing makes him stand out among other realtors that I experienced, in Dubai.

Mohammed A
Villa Owner

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